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Udaariyan 8th February 2023 Written Update: Advait slaps Nehmat

The episode starts with Ekam becoming enraged when he sees on the news that Nehmat has been brought to a trauma center and turns off the television. Renuka interrogates Ekam on why he turned off the television. Ekam alleges that they are on television spewing gibberish. He claims that what happened in the farmhouse was not by chance. As a result, before the police could take her statement, Nehmat was released from the hospital.

Mallika comes there. Ekam believes there is a third person in the farmhouse who is accountable for the fire. Mallika asks Ekam not to intervene in this case and let the police conduct an investigation. Harleen arrives there. She agrees with Mallika, but she reminds her that Ekam is also a police officer. She takes Ekam’s side, saying that if Ekam is willing to risk his life for a stranger like her, imagine what he would not do for Nehmat, whom he loved.

Renuka and Mallika are asked by Harleen to examine this case. Ekam approaches Rupy and Satti and begs them to call Nehmat. Rupy agrees and calls Nehmat and Advait, but their phones are turned off. Ekam says that’s not natural and is surprised that Rupy and Satti are avoiding it. Rupy assures Ekam that Nehmat will be alright as long as she is with her husband. Ekam refuses to accept it, claiming that he has a feeling Nehmat is not well.

Satti believes Ekam’s worry for Nehmat is genuine, and that they should listen to him. Rupy argues that he has already spoken with Shamsher and that he has no more options. Ekam talks about going to Kapoor’s house and asking about Advait and Nehmat’s whereabouts. He says they can reach them from anywhere in the world. Rupy agrees but asks Ekam to stand outside the house so that no one says anything bad about Nehmat.

Advait and Rama, on the other hand, are in the basement. Advait laments the fact that Nehmat’s presence has ruined his life. Shamsher comes there and lashes out at Advait. They both argue with each other. Advait asks how long he has to stay with Nehmat as he needs to leave for election campaigning. Shamsher promises to say something. They worry as they see Rupy and Satti enter the house. Ekam is standing outside the door. He walks back and forth uneasily. Rupy and Satti ask Shamsher to locate Nehmat and Advait and force them to speak with Nehmat.

In the meantime, Advait becomes concerned about Rupy and Patti’s continued absence. He asks Shamsher the same question. Shamsher gets the message. He notifies Rupy and Satti that Advait has contacted him and informed him that he will immediately have them talk with Nehmat. He phones Advait and requests that the call be transferred to Nehmat because Rupy and Satti need to talk with them. He goes on to state that he is calling the speaker.

Advait understands. He claims Nehmat is taking a meditation lesson. Nehmat becomes aware at this point. She makes the injection box tumble to make a noise. Advait realizes Nehmat has awakened. He covers her mouth with his hand. He resolves the issue and then hangs up the phone. Nehmat hears Rupy and calls out to him. He slaps Nehmat when she shouts calling out to Rupy. Ekam feels it and grows anxious about Nehmat.

He has a feeling Nehmat is nearby, and she is in trouble. Advait chastises Nehmat. He declares that he will not let her defeat him in the election. He chastises the nurse for arriving late. He asks her to put Nehmat to sleep with an injection. Rupy and Satti say their goodbyes to the Kapoors. Shamsher. Before falling asleep, Nehmat observes her grandparents leave through the basement window.

Ekam inquires of Rupy and Satti whether they had spoken with Nehmat. Rupy and Satti reassure Ekam that Nehmat is fine and that the Kapoors are looking after her well. Ekam, on the other hand, is unconvinced and is determined to find Nehmat. Meanwhile, Shamsher warns Advait not to use his phone because it might be tracked. Advait turned it off right away.
Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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