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Udaariyan 9th February 2023 Written Update: Ekam searches Kapoor’s House

The episode starts with Harleen noticing Ekam resting while holding Nehmat’s dupatta. She hopes Ekam will adore her the way he adores Nehmat. She further promises herself that she will work hard to replace the grief in Ekam’s life with love. Harleen informs Renuka that Ekam may be tired, so he goes to sleep. She turns and goes away. Renuka complements Harleen and expresses her delight that Ekam has begun to notice her.

Mallika agrees with Renuka that Ekam needs a female like Harleen. The latter, who has returned to retrieve her misplaced handbag, hears this and is taken aback by Mallika’s abrupt change of heart. The next morning, Ekam meets with a police officer whom he has asked to locate Advait and Nehmat’s phones. The officer informs Ekam that Advait’s phone was turned on shortly the day before, and its location was Kapoor’s house.

Advait and Nehmat are staying at Kapoor’s house, which surprises Ekam. Ekam rushes to Kapoor’s house. Meanwhile, Advait is anxious that if Nehmat reveals the truth to the world, it will jeopardize his political career. He decides to murder her. He pulls off Nehmat’s oxygen mask and uses a pillow to choke her. Ekam then reaches Kapoor’s residence. Shamsher intervenes and chastises Advait for trying to kill Nehmat.

He claims that Ekam has arrived and that he will kill him if he discovers it. Rama enters and asks Shamsher to accompany her because she is unable to respond to Ekam’s question. Ekam informs Shamsher that he located Nehmat and Advait at Kapoor’s house and wants to search it. After hearing this, he notices Rama’s nervousness. Rama claims that everyone in the home has fled. Ekam then wonders why neither of them went. Shamsher threatens Ekam and reminds him that he used to be Advait’s bodyguard.

Shamsher receives an adequate response from Ekam. He asks Ekam if he has a search warrant. Ekam claims that he does not need it. He dares Shamsher to intervene. Ekam and his police crew enter the residence. He fights the bodyguard who attempts to stop him. Shamsher is warned not to try to stop him. He enters the residence in quest of Nehmat. Nehmat hears Ekam yell her name. She sobs and screams Ekam’s name.

Advait grows concerned and wonders where the nurse is so that Nehmat can be silenced. Shamsher threatens Ekam with an Inspector General complaint. Ekam hands Shamsher his phone and tells him to call the Inspector General. If Shamsher tries to stop him, he threatens to ruin Advait’s political career by leaking the facts about him to the media. Shamsher questions Ekam on his knowledge. Ekam claims he knows a third person was present in the farmhouse and promises to find out who it is.

Ekam and his police team are still searching the entire house for Nehmat. Hamsher orders Rama to tell Advait so that Ekam would not come across Nehmat. Ekam is taking a glance around the room. Nehmat struggles to his feet, knocking over the glass on the table. Ekam notices this. Rama attempts to divert his attention by stating she dropped the vessel. However, Ekam refuses to believe Rama and claims that the noise they heard was from Nehmat.

After a lot of difficulties, Nehmat moves out of bed in the basement and is about to yell. Advait comes there and tightens her lips. Ekam discovers a carpet and prepares to lift it to reach the cellar. However, after searching the entire house, a constable informs Ekam that they found nothing. Ekam grows depressed and decides to leave the house. He notices the basement window and inquires about it with Shamsher. He goes to investigate amid Shamsher’s objections.
Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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