Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th January 2023 Written Update: Samrat plays his games.

The episode starts with Samrat holding his broken glasses and witnessing to his daughter-in-law and realizing that they are the same glasses that were given to Nayana. Nayan finds the show broken and decides to fix it after marriage. Samrat hits Nayana with a fan. Naya’s veil reveals her face. Sam believes that he has finally found himself, that he has followed him, and promises that he will not let Nayan and Mohit escape.

Malathi wants the boy to marry Nayan. Nayan and Rahul’s wedding begins. Panditji asked ghe for mortar. He is a member of the organizing committee. Sam bribes him and orders him to spray gay on Rahul. The maid sneaks up and throws a geyser at Rahul, then invited him to come and she changed into her sherwani. Panditji told Rahilto to change because only 5 minutes left for the ritual. Sam was relieved to see that.

Mohit and Ishani are waiting for their flight at the airport. He says they will leave India in 5 minutes and Sam can’t hurt them. Ishani hugs and thanks Malati before speaking to her. Chintu answers the phone and learns that Malati had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Ishani finds out why Naya didn’t tell her and asks where is Naya.

Chintu informs that she went to Malviya Nagar for a wedding ceremony in a mass wedding ceremony. Ishani hangs up and warns Mohite that Paati is forcing Naya to marry him in a mass wedding and that he should stop the wedding. Mohit calls Nayana and says he can find out if Nayana met the guy and liked him. Ishani dialed Naya’s number.

Sam hit Rahul on the head from behind, knocking him out and mistaking him for Mohit. Dressed in boy’s clothes, she takes Rahul’s place. Panditji started the ritual. Ishani is missed by Nayan. He receives Ishani’s call and says that if he married her forcefully, she should stand up. Nayan says whatever he does is his wish. Mohit sees the wristband that Sam gave on the boy’s wrist and realizes that Sam has replaced the boy.

She assures him that the boy must be Samrat, dressed as the talented Samrat. They ran to the wedding venue. The doctor examines Malathi and declares that she is fine. Malathi asks if she can go home now to welcome her daughter. According to the doctor, he can and should take his medication on time. Paati returns home and advises Nayan and Rahul to bless her. Nayan and Sam’s wedding scene starts.

Precap: Sam and Naya’s wedding is over. Mohit informs that Naya is married to someone else. Nayan asks who is he. Sam claims he has. He returned home to find Malati in ruins.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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