Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th January 2023 Written Update: Mohit and Ishani get stuck in traffic.


The episode starts, Mohit and Ishaani stop in the car and Ishaani takes Nayan’s phone to tell him about Sam. But, due to Peras, Nayan did not answer the phone and continued the wedding celebration. After the traffic clears and the driver rushes to the marriage hall, Ishani gets worried. Ishani cuts Nayan’s hair and ties a Mangalsutra around his neck and repeats that Sam will not forgive him if he marries Nayan.

Sam believes that vermilion will always remind Nayan that Mohit is stuck with her despite his feelings. Ishaani and Mohit arrived at the marriage hall and Mohit stopped Ishaani from entering as Sam was also there. On the other hand, the Iyer family returned home and were shocked to find everything burned, while the neighbor’s aunt informed them that there was a short circuit after they left the house.

Patti and Emma are crying, Chintu knows when Akka will come. In the marriage hall, the couple is playing with flowers when Mohit arrives and announces that the marriage cannot take place. Nayan removes her hijab and asks why, while Mohit informs her that she is not married to someone she trusts. She then asked who she was, to which Sam replied that she could not marry the man in front of her (Mohit).

He takes off his mask and reveals his true self to everyone’s surprise. Sam abuses Mohit and Naya, so he doesn’t let them live happily and makes Aliya miserable. Sam says that he is aware of Mohit’s plan to marry Nayan and then go to Australia with him. Nayan realizes that Sam misunderstood Mohan’s feelings for her and Isha, so she takes Rahul’s place. Fearing for Ishaani, Nayan decides to stop Sam’s misunderstanding to save Ishaani and joins the theater with Mohit.

On the other hand, Sam accuses Naya of being greedy and informs her that she accepted the marriage because she is richer than Mohit. Nayan looked angry when he got a call from Aman. When Nayan answers the phone, Chintu informs her that her house has been burnt down. Naman rushed out of the hall, worried about Ama’s health, because Sam said they were now husband and wife.

Later, Nayan consoles his family and Malti laments that he is homeless now. However, Sam appears just then informs them that they have their house, as now Naya’s. The family is shocked when Sam forcibly takes Naya and informs the Iyer family that they are married. Malti is shocked when Sam tells Nayan and Kiara that they were in love at their wedding and told a charming lie.

Precap: The Iyer family falls for Sam’s lie and claims that they staged his fight with Nayan to avoid journalists. The elders bless the couple and Nayan agrees to Sam’s trick for Malti’s health.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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