Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th January 2023 Written Update: Samrat intends to harm Nayantara.

The episode starts with Mohit and Ishaani watching from a distance, Sam Iyer sends his family away. On the other hand, when Nayan inquired about the date of purchase of the property, Sam Iyer invited his family to Horana Palace. Sam laughs at Alya, admitting that he bought it as a result of admitting himself to a loving family. Revati tells Sam that she’s waiting for him as they head down the stairs as they all enter. When Sam is surprised to see her and questions her arrival, Revatu says that she is there now.

Sam points to Nayana and her wedding dresses and asks if she needs an explanation, while Revathi talks about other people. Revata says that she and Nayan got married recently, which shocked her. Sam instructs the maid to take the Iyer family to their room, and Revati wants him to go with her. Revati then barges Sami to the room, chastises her for marrying a stranger and asks why she came to India. Revati informs that Alia should accompany her to take care of Sam.

Revati is upset with Sam for marrying an attractive middle-class woman, and Sam explains to her why he married Nayana. Revathi expresses her grief to Nayana and asks what she will do next. Sam assures Revathi that she need not worry as Naya has a plan to make her night unforgettable. He then brings Sam a gift to his room and demands that he accept it. Nayan refused to give the gift and threw it away.

Sam knocks him out and advises him not to forget that he hates hearing it. He then returned to the comfortable room and told her that he understands her anxiety about spending their first night together. He proceeds to open the gift to reveal a short red party dress and tells Nayana to wear it. He also says that if Nayan doesn’t wear a party dress, he will tell Maltha everything.

Sam insists that his sister must have died as a result, but Nayan pleads that his mother is suffering from a heart attack. Sam continued to smile at Naya as she grabbed her shirt and went to the bathroom. Ishani gets angry outside Horana’s residence and says she will tell Sam the truth, but Mohit stops her. She informs him that Nayan is legally Sam’s wife and advises him to consult Nayan before taking any action.

When Ishaani calls, Nayan washes her face to wipe her tears and urges her to be brave. Nayan asks Ishaani about her well-being and advises her not to worry. Ishani cries guiltily as Nayan urges her to be careful and pay attention to what Mohit says. After that, Nayan wore a red mini dress and disturbed the room.

Sam calls Naya sexy and shoves her back against the wall, admitting that tightening her shirt won’t take long. He also tied her hand to the wall and held it between her hands as she asked what he was doing. Sam tells Nayana that she doesn’t know her husband’s wishes and desires. Sam just screamed and told Nayan that since she is his wife, he will comply with her wishes.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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