Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2023 Written Update: Samrat humiliates Nayan.

The episode begins with Sam putting an apple on Naya’s head and sitting on the packed table in front of her, threatening to take everything from her. He explained to her that he had a different hobby and he left the clothes in front of the table. After being covered with flower petals, Nayan was surprised to see the knife placed on the table. Sam smiled at her response and told her she wanted to try it. She closed her eyes in fear as he continued to stab her.

Finally, he took out an apple and stabbed Naya, closing his eyes. He is relieved when Sam informs him that the apple was not the intended target. Sam pulled out another knife and pointed it at Nayan in anger. She threw a dagger, which cut through the sleeves of the dress, causing the entire dress to fall to the floor. Sam excuses himself, admitting that Naya doesn’t deserve to see his body. Nayan looked at the ground in shame.

Sam continues to drink from the bottle before passing out, but Nayan manages to free himself and declares that he will follow his parents’ instructions. Sam woke up in the morning to find his long hair, decorated like a bird’s nest, gone. Nayan comes and mocks her and shouts angrily. Nayan reminds him that he messed with respect last night and now he will do the same, but he is angry with him for ruining his reputation.

He says he will post the video on the internet to destroy the fight tapes and his career. Malti and Patti talk to Revati during breakfast, while giving her a small piece of jewelry like shagun. But Revati throws away the jewelry and chastises him for trying to match his wealth and elegance. Sam calls Nayan a mouse when he starts talking and informs Alya that the mouse is trying to ruin her reputation by cutting her hair.

She orders her stylist to do her hair, and Alia assures her that she looks prettier now. Sam Iyer assures his family that he is free to stay at home and teases Revath for insulting his in-laws. He also wanted to deal with it because he knew they wouldn’t eat at his daughter’s house for moral and other reasons. Sam fires everyone and tells the Iyer family to work around the house and “earn” their meals.

Malti confesses her concern about Nayan and Sam’s marriage, then takes Nayan to her room and questions her. When Ishani entered the room through the window, Nayan wondered why she told Malta. Maltha tells the truth and tells Nayana that she can’t witness her torture anymore. Malti sits on the bed and Nayan assures Mohit and Ishani that they too can go.

Mohit should go without telling anyone, says Nayan and runs to stop him. Mohit advises her not to worry as Sam believes he has committed a terrible sin by marrying a woman who is the love of his life.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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