Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2023 Written Update: Samrat insults Nayan infront of everyone in a meeting.

The episode begins with Sam entering his room, thinking about what he did after destroying his life and breaking Alya’s heart. Mohit laughs at her by admitting that she works for him and not with him, while Mohit doubts her ability to cooperate. Angered, Mohit informs that Sam has come to inform him that he is leaving. As soon as Nayan came out, Sam held him tightly so that Mohit went blind. Mohit shows jealousy and announces his intention to return to London.

Sam also humiliates Naya by dragging her to one of the meetings where she has to tie her shoes in front of everyone. He asks her to make coffee, but she refuses to admit that she already has. Malta threatens Nayana with a heart attack if she tells the truth and drops the coffee when she is handed an empty cup. Sam’s coffee was made by Nayan against her will and she even gave him a massage.

However, he receives a call from an important party and rushes to answer when one of the investors starts to misbehave. Sam returns and advises his wife not to misbehave, and starts to dump investors. The bully continues to threaten Sam and says he will get revenge when he evicts the investor. To ask Naya why he helped her, Sam says that he cares for her and she should not be wrong.

Nayana says it belongs to her and she doesn’t want anyone to disturb her toy when she comes near her. Nayan believes that when he leaves, he should arrange it only in the evening. When Nayan and Kamari’s family tried to escape at night, Chintu accidentally broke into a vase. Sam heard the commotion and came to investigate, but found nothing, so he went back into hiding. They then arrive at the airport and run into Mohit and Ishaan outside.

A woman cannot leave the country with a torn passport, so she must make a new passport at the time of inspection. Nayan asks him about Sam’s involvement, but Iyer informs his family about the incident. Sam suddenly appeared, admitting that he could assume that his wife was responsible for his torn passport. Mohit and Nayan laugh at him saying that he heard his strategy and has a different idea.

Sam reveals that he has booked a hotel room with Mohit and his fanboy has used MasterCard to get Mohit’s passport from his room. Sam says he is not good because he helped Mohit and Nayan escape but he thinks he is a good person.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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