Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th January 2023 Written Update: Ishani leaves the party to find Nayan.

The episode begins, and Aaliya informs Sam that Aisyah has shown her place to Nayana simply. Sam is shocked when Alia reveals that she and Kiara drank alcohol without Nayana’s knowledge. Instead of laughing with her as Aaliya expected, Sam informs her that he has another job and leaves. Nayan looks for Ishani when she runs away from Mohit again. He finds out why she has been avoiding him and tells him that he should find Naya first. Mohit calmly assures Naya that she is still playing the truth or she is a party boy and drags her to his room.

Ishaani reminds Alia that Mohit kissed her in front of everyone and asks Mohit if Alia can say that she loves him and not Isha. Ishani asks him not to think that he has no future and there is love in this story, but it is not a love story. He left saying that they should avoid each other. Sam, on the other hand, points his hand to the sky and shouts for Nayan, using the moniker “Confused” to say that he is there.

Then Sam finds a dirty doorknob and when he asks who it is, he tells her to get out. Sam instructs him to look and recognize her. Nayan looks at him and realizes that he is a rock star when he says that he has no drink. Additionally, Sam tries to help her out of the dumpster, but she refuses to cooperate and they both fall to the ground. In his drunken state, Nayan blames Sam again and tells him that he is so drunk that he cannot stand. Also, Nayan informs her that she is seeing two of them, but he grabs her hand and puts it on her face stating that she is the only one.

Nayan pinched her cheek and smiled again telling her that she has a beautiful face. Sam looks at her and tells her that she is not horrible, but she hides behind her glasses and her aunt’s attitude. He also complained that the floor was like an escalator and tried to walk. Sam freaks out and hugs him, telling him he’s a prince. Nayan played with her hair while smiling as she asked about the white horse.

Later, in the hall, Nayan threatens Sam, Patti and Malti that if they see him like this, they will turn him into a cake. Sam suggests her room, but says that she knows about the plan and won’t go to her room alone. Sam, on the other hand, says he won’t even touch a girl unless she convinces him. He took her in his arms again and took her to his room. Back at the party, Ishaani asks about Nayan who informs her that she saw Nayan leave. Ishaani thanks him and leaves as Alia looks at Ishaan angrily.

Back to Sam’s room, he forced himself to drink lemon water to help him get over his hangover, while protesting that he was black and didn’t know who would use it. He sits next to her, complaining that he has everything and nothing. Sam, on the other hand, reports that he has his own family. He informs that he has no one to call him and that the people he is with are only there for money and prestige.

Adding that no one cares about Sam’s death, Nayan puts his finger on her lips and tells her that life is given to be enjoyed and she will get angry if she remembers it again. Sam then takes Naya to her room while Patti and Malti ask if there is any alcohol. When Nayan tells about the soft drinks, Ishaani realizes that Alia and Kiara are guilty.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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