Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th January 2023 Written Update: Nayantara explaining Ishani how Aaliya forced her to drink.

The episode starts with Nayantara telling Ishaan that she drank a soft drink which forced Aaliya to drink. He even teases Alia and Nayanthara asking where Ishaani is. Ishani says she will leave for a while but reminds Nayanthara that she is her sister and she should tell the truth. Then Ishani opens up about her crush on Mohit, even though she knows Alia is a married man, and reminds him what he said about how she believed Mohit loved her. Ishani tells Nayantara that she has developed a crush on Mohit even though she knows she should avoid him.

Hearing this, Nayantara asks Ishaani to avoid Mohit as she will get hurt more if she continues to talk to him. Even Ishani admitted that Mohit will never break up with Alia because her family has done a lot for Mohit and she will never meet Mohit again. Ishani informs Nayantara about Samrat and Naya’s friendship while visiting Nayantara. Meanwhile, Samrat wakes up, remembers his last night with Nayantara, and pulls out the rubber band with a warm smile.

When Mohit enters the room, he tells Samrat that he saw Samrat’s smile for the first time, but Samrat doesn’t respond. Meanwhile, Alia comes to warn Mohit and Samrat about their intention to return to Belgium after the wedding. Samrat says he is happy to leave this country after Mohit and Alia leave. Then Samrat takes the tape and says it must be because of Nayantara’s simplicity, remembering the beautiful moments with Nayantara flash in his mind. Samrat later finds Nayanthara in the hall. He first saw her and immediately started walking towards her, feeling attracted to her.

However, Samrat reminds him that Nayanthara is very good and should not be attracted to him. At that moment they both looked at each other and Nayanthara remembered not to smile at this strange man. Meanwhile, Alia comes to complain to the designer and Samrat that the man destroyed the lehenga design. Looking at Aliya’s tears, Samrat approached the creator, causing her sister to cry, and prompting Nayantara to reconsider, thanking Samrat.

Mohit then grabs Isha and takes her to a corner where no one can see her, where he tells her how much he loves her, but she leaves. When Nayantara sees Mohit, she advises him to avoid Ishaani as it takes a lot of effort to be with the one you like and she knows that Mohit is buried in Aliya’s favor. After Nayan left, Alia asked what Nayan asked, to which Mohit suddenly replied that Nayan was just saying goodbye. Though suspicious, Alia doesn’t question Mohit and leaves.

Later, while walking with flowers, Nayan meets Samrat and chooses to thank him. However, when he approached Samrat, he started flirting with a random girl, causing Naya to reconsider her decision. Meanwhile, some children ran from the hall and collided with Nayanthara, causing Naya to fall, but Samrat caught her in time. After staring for a long time, Nayan and Samrat stood up. Samrat tells Nayan that there is something special between them, but Nayan reminds him that their lives are completely different.

Nayan informs Samrat that Samrat is a simple middle-class girl and Saramt is a rock star. Mohit, on the other hand, meets Chintu, who informs him that he is looking for his sister Naya, which surprises Mohit as Chintu only has one sister named Ishani. Mohit then informs Ishan that he will tell everyone about his feelings for him and end his marriage with Alia.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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