Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2023 Written Update: Mohit tells Aaliya that he doesn’t loves her.

The episode starts with Mohit telling Isha that he talked to Nayan and that love cannot be hidden. Mohit tells her that he will confess everything to everyone and even why he broke up with Alya. Mohit pulled her close, his arms wrapped around her waist. She hugged him as if he was saying yes, that the decision was his. Mohit, on the other hand, remembers something and asks Ishaani if ​​she is Naya’s sister or friend, as Chintu says she is Naya’s sister. Ishaani finally admits that she and Nayan are sisters, but they hide it because all the courtiers who come to see Nayan see her and want to marry her.

Mohit holds Ishaani close and says don’t tell anyone. At the wedding, Chintu made the groom’s entrance as he watched from the balcony. Malti took Chinto back to her room, and Nayan thanked Sam for saving Chinto. Sam, on the other hand, laughs and informs her that he helped her three times and only got one thanks.

Later, Nayan and Ishani leave the room after checking on Chintu and Ishani suddenly becomes Nayan. He informs Nayana that as a result of his revelation, Mohit will end his relationship with Alia and even return to India for himself. Nayan welcomes Ishan.

Mohit, on the other hand, enters Aliya’s room and informs her that he does not want to live with her and wants to end their relationship. She asks if there is another person in her life, to which Mohit tells her that he is only honest. Sam runs into Chintu with broken glasses and rages. Sam asks her why she can’t buy a new one, and Chintu reluctantly reveals her family’s financial situation.

Sam approached Chintu with an idea. Back in Aliya’s room, she destroys the room and asks Mohit to leave as she believes she will take revenge on Mohit for what he did to her. Sam offered to give Chintu a new pair of glasses. Aaliya then approaches Kiara and asks her to bring Ishani and Naya to the party as she believes that Mohan has left her for one of the two girls.

Meanwhile, everyone in Naya’s room gathered when three men in suits and briefcases entered the room. Nayan asks who are they. Sam arrives and tells her that he is with her. Sam informs his family that Chintu accidentally broke his watch and will give him a new pair. Chintu claims to have refused it, but Sam informs her that Naya will also get a glass. However, Nayan wonders how he related to Sam to get the gift from him.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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