Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2023 Written Update: Aaliya misunderstood Mohit.

The episode starts with Nayan arguing with Sam as he tries to convince her. Sam tells her that if she doesn’t want to accept the gift, she can consider it a loan. Nayan panics when Sam advises him to think about Chintu and accept her. Also, Sam is leaning on the pole and looking at Nayana through the mirror, smiling and clicking as shown in the frame. Nayan smiled as he gave a thumbs up at his favorite frame. Nayan smiles at Sam and says that Sam also doesn’t like this frame. Sam is shocked when Nayan says that he will return to the show and the job.
Chintu tells Nayan that she looked good on the show and Nayan thanks, Sam. On the other hand, Alya goes to Mohit and informs him that she has considered what she has done and is ready to end her relationship with him. However, they have to warn Sam and advise him to tell the truth at Kiara’s party. Mohit agrees and goes back to work when Alia kisses him. Later, Ishaani tries to get Naya to wear heels when Mohit comes and informs her that he has broken up with Alya. Nayan asks about Sam’s reaction and Mohit says he’s sure Sam will calm down after Aliya tells him she’s fine.
Everyone started to leave the room except Ishani who went back to get her phone. Nayan asks Mohit if Aaliya has accepted the divorce and Mohit says it is possible as he was Alya’s first friend. Nayan shook his head and started walking when he lost his balance and fell. Ishani runs to apologize and Mohit tells her to get an ice pack. Meanwhile, at the party, Sam can’t stop thinking about Nayan, which is confusing him, so he goes out to get some fresh air. Alia comes and asks why there is no one in the gathering.

She continued to contact Mohit but he did not answer, then called Kiara. He communicates with Alia through video and shows the situation that makes Alia’s head angry. She hangs up and says she won’t let Mohit and Naya go.
Alya sat on the bed and enjoyed herself while the people next to her took medicine in the form of pills. He also stole a bottle and took drugs and died. Sam then got a call from the police station informing them that Alya had been arrested for possession and possession of drugs. He runs to the police station and demands to take Alia with him, but the officer stops him and informs him that he can take Alia after the bail is over. Knowing who contacted the police, Sam left the police station.
However, he was surprised to see the police welcoming Nayana and Nayan told the police that he would not be able to control himself after hearing about the boy. In the past, Nayan overheard two men discussing drugs with all the girls at the party and took advantage of it. At present, the Sami police are at Naya’s elbow.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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