Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th January 2023 Written Update: Nayanthara burns Samrat’s house.

The episode starts with Mohit telling Ishan that he should go to Australia immediately. Ishani asks Jim why, Mohit holds his hand and says that Sam’s anger is too much, Sam was ready to kill him when he first came to know about the divorce. Ishaani finally agrees and says that she will pack her bag, but she holds him back and tells Aaliya and Sam that Aishah doesn’t trust him. Then Mohit called the agent and went to the bathroom, while Sam entered the room and checked his eyes. When she gets a message from the agent about Mohit and Miss, she realizes that Mohit is lying. Eater tickets are on hold

Nayan insists on meeting Rahul once before marrying him. On the other hand, Patti and Malti blackmail Naya to agree. Later, Sam arrived at Iyer’s house and set it on fire, and the neighbors rushed to put it out. The women discuss the sufferings of the Iyer family, while the other women tell them about Naya’s marriage. Sam believes that Nayan and Mohit are getting married and the team rushes to the wedding venue.

Ishani then calls Nayan and tells her that she is leaving India and going to Australia with Mohit because Sam has found her love.

Knowing Sam’s anger, Nayan advises Ishana to be careful in hiding the truth about Malti’s hospitalization or her marriage with Rahul. Also, as he walks towards Mandap, he collides with Sam, causing his eyes to fall out and break again. Sam looked at the glass and knew that the woman was Nay because she gave him the glass.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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