Yeh Hei Chahatein 15th February 2023 Written Update: Revanti admits her crimes

The episode Starts with Nayantara is ecstatic to see Ishani alive and embraces her. Samrat tells Nayantara that he went to Shimla to learn the truth because she refused to believe him. He recalls arriving in Shimla and hearing about the tragedy from a police investigator. He gathers cab business information and visits the cab company. He learns that Ishani and Mohit had visited the temple. He visits the temple and comes across a CCTV camera.

He looks through the Video footage and sees Ishani and Mohit getting out of the cab. He admits that someone killed in the collision besides Ishani and Mohit. The next day, Samrat investigates the temple for Ishani and Mohit. The priest informs him that they would be staying at the temple’s guest house. Samrat walks up to the guest house and knocks on the door. Ishani and Mohit are taken aback when they see Samrat.

Samrat chastises them for not communicating with their relatives. He asserts that Nayantara is accusing him. Mohit tells him that Revati has hired a hitman to kill him and Ishani. Samrat is not convinced. Mohit believes he saw Revati’s goon chasing them in the truck. Samrat states that he will not believe anything until he receives proof.

He tells them that they must join him because he needs to prove his innocence. Samrat notifies Nayantara lot of things. He believes that Nayantara falsely accused him. Seema inquires as to how the police found their identity proof in the cab. Mohit informs her that both he and Ishani have left the cab, and Ishani has left her purse in the cab. Ishani claims that if they had been in the cab at the time, they would have died.

Revati is informed by Samrat that Mohit has accused her. He questions her. He claims she must speak in order to demonstrate her sanity. Revati admits to having hired a goon. She maintains she didn’t mean to injure them. And Aliya is suffering as a result of them, which is why she acted the way she did. She tells him that she only asked the goon to strike the cab slightly and that she never intended this to happen.

He informs her that she is the reason they lost Aliya. Nayantara informs Samrat that Aliya is still alive. Revati does not trust her. Nayantara informs them that Aliya is at the warehouse.

They hurry to the storeroom and discover Aliya unconscious. Samrat questions Nayantara on why she lied in such a way. She tells him she intended him to struggle as much as she did. She recalls using fake blood to knock Aliya out. She places the unconscious Aliya in the storeroom.

Precap: Samrat reminds Nayantara that their divorce is the beginning of the end of their journey. Nayantara and Samrat’s divorce is granted by the court. Chintu informs the Judge that the divorce cannot take place.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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