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Yeh Hei Chahatein 17th February 2023 Written Update: Samrat plots against Nayantra

The episode starts with Samrat questions Nayantara on how she can do this with him. He accuses Nayantra of using Prem to postpone their divorce proceedings. He adds she used Prem as his wife and that everything is her idea. She says she has no right to be his friend. Nayan refuses the allegations while Prem informs Nayantara that he is overjoyed and that they may live as a happy family.

He expresses gratitude to Chintu. Chintu admits that was his idea. Nayantara claims she knows nothing about it. Revati tells her to quit acting and takes Samrat from there. She informs Samrat that Nayantara carried out her scheme with the help of Chintu and Prem and also have to bear Nayantara and Prem for 6 months. Samrat says that Nayantara cannot live a wealthy life and that he will ruin her life.

Nayantara informs Malati that the divorce did not take place. Malati chastises Chintu. Nayantara tells Chintu that he made a mistake. Prem informs Nayantara that Chintu has done everything for him and urges her not to reprimand Chintu. He claims he wished to live with his parents as a happy family. Ishani expresses concern to Nayantara about what Samrat will do next. Nayantara assures her that she is not afraid of him.

Nayantara and Prem later arrive at the Khurana residence. Samrat greets Nayantara. She carries out the graha pravesh ceremony. He wonders why she doesn’t seem thrilled when this is exactly what she wanted. He claims to have prepared a guest room for them and leads them to the former room. Nayantara asks him how he expects them to live there. He cautions her that she will not be able to live in this house as a malkin.

She informs him that while she can adjust, Prem cannot because he is a child. Prem is not a child, he tells her. He asks her to take responsibility for Prem before leaving. Nayantara and Prem having difficulty sleeping. Samrat is told by Revati that they deserve it and that he should not feel sorry for them. Samrat exits, promising her that he will not be a fool again. Prem sobs, blaming himself for their predicament.

Nayantara tells him not to cry because they are going to fight Samrat. The next morning, Samrat awakens to find himself bound with a chair. He shouts as he sees Nayantara and Prem sleeping on the bed. Nayantara informs him that this is her retribution. She recalls how she bound Samrat with a chair. She also slept on Prem’s bed. Nayantara is told by Samrat that Revati will not spare her.

Nayantara texts Revati via Samrat’s phone, pretending to be busy with composition and asking her not to bother him. She informs Samrat that she kidnaped him in his room. She sends message from Samrat’s phone and orders pizza from the waite. She informs about the same to Prem. Revati notices the servant taking pizza for Samrat and feels impressed with his workaholic behavir. while Nayan and Prem enjoy their pizza.
Episode Ends.

Precap. Revati storms into Samrat’s room after hearing his scream. Samrat blackmails Nayantara into wearing a short outfit for a photograph. Prem brings the curtain to assist Nayantara.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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