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Yeh Hei Chahatein 18th February 2023 Written Update: Samrat thinks to torment Nayantra back

The episode starts with Aliya noticing Servant bringing a chocolate cake for Samrat. She asks Revati when Samrat began taking junk foods. Revati claims that the first pizza and now this is strange. She enters Samrat’s room and knocks on the door. Nayantara advises Samrat not to say anything. He informs her that her game has ended. She covers his mouth with clothes.

Revati queries Samrat to see if everything is in place. Nayantara says that Samrat is working on a new song. Revati feels that if Samrat writes a new song, she will profit. She walks into Nayantara’s room and gets to know that she has departed for her home. She hopes that Nayantara and Prem never return. Samrat informs Nayantara that she will be sorry for doing all of this. Nayantara and Prem choose to paint. Nayantara insists that they would paint Samrat’s face.

She makes Samrat look like a joker. She explains that this is her revenge for drawing a mustache on her face. He informs her that this will be her last mistake in life. She threatens him with torture for ten days. He wonders why Revati isn’t there. Chintu arrives at Khurana’s residence. He says to Revati that he has come to see Nayantara and Prem. Revati learns that Nayantara and Prem are not in the room.

She notices they are in Samrat’s room. She walks into the room using a spare key. She unties Samrat and asks if he is fine Samrat thanks her for coming as he was struggling to breathe. Revati lashes out at Nayantara. Samrat informs her of everything. He claims that they did not even offer him water. Revati warns Nayantara never to repeat this. She threatens to oust her from the house. Nayantara threatens to call the police. The servant notifies Revati that the photographic crew has arrived.

Revati reminds Samrat that this photoshoot is essential for him and tells him to get ready. Samrat assures Nayantara that she’ll pay for what she did with him and walks from there. Samrat eventually goes downstairs. The photographer wishes him a happy marriage. He asks if his wife will be joining the shoot. Samrat thinks this is the perfect opportunity to torment Nayantara. He tells him that he wants his wife to be a model in the photoshoot.

The photographer provides Nayantara with an outfit. Revati informs Nayantara and Prem that she will punish them. Samrat claims to have decided on the punishment. He hands the dress to Nayantara and instructs her to put it on and get ready for the photoshoot. Nayantara is adamantly opposed to modeling. Revati pulls out a whip and threatens to punish Prem. She claims to be unafraid of the police. Nayantara accepts to join in the photograph.

Episode ends.

Nayantara becomes uneasy during a photoshoot. Prem gives her the curtain. The photographer asks about Prem. Samrat tells him that Prem is the son of the servant.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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