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Yeh Hei Chahatein 20th February 2023 Written Update: Samrat tortures Nayantara

The episode starts with everyone gearing up for the photo shoot. The photographer is taken aback when he meets Nayantara and informs Samrat. Samrat introduces him to his wife. He confronts Nayantara and asks why she is pulling the dress when it isn’t going to get long. Nayantara expresses her dissatisfaction with her short outfit. Samrat reminds her that she can’t change her clothes and tells her that he enjoys making her uncomfortable.

The photographer asks Samrat to start the shooting. Samrat agrees and they start the shooting. Everyone takes pictures. Prem realizes that Nayantara feels uneasy. He urges Revati to leave Nayantara since she is fed up with everything. Revati informs him that it is Nayantara’s punishment. He encourages himself that Nayantara has done so much for him, and now it’s his responsibility to help her. Nayantara requests God to help her.

Prem pulls back the curtain and tries to leave the room. Revati, on the other hand, stops him and instructs him to sit quietly. He bites her hand and leaves with the curtain. Samrat instructs the photographer not to touch Nayantara. Prem arrives there and covers Nayantra with the curtain. Revati shows up. Prem cautions them not to bother Nayantara again. The photographer gets perplexed and asks questions about Prem.

Samrat introduces Prem as the son of their staff. The photographer asks why Prem is addressing Nayantara as his mother to which Revati informs him that Prem does not have a mother, therefore he calls Nayantara his mother. The photographer further notifies Samrat that the shoot is ended. Raghav and Mansi sit back and watch Ishani’s troupe perform. Mansi notices Raghav’s admiration for Ishani. Raghav selects Ishani as the lead dancer in his music video.

Ishani promises him that she will not let him down. Nayantara expresses gratitude to Prem. Prem informs her that she is his mother and that he respects her so much that she does not have to thank him. He maintains that since Samrat has not yet accepted him, he will not accept Samrat as his father. She thinks she must have done something to bring Samrat and Prem back together. Nayantara informs Prem that she will be attending his parent-teacher conference the next day.

She promises to take Samrat as well. Prem tells her that she is enough for him and leaves. She thinks she must convince Samrat at any cost. She speaks to Samrat and informs him that they must attend Prem’s parent-teacher meeting. Samrat informs her that he will not be coming as Prem is not his son. Ishani tells Mohit that she has been cast as the lead dancer in a music video. She claims to work for RR Records.

Mohit tells her of Raghav’s situation. She informs him that she is worried about Samrat’s history. He advises her to look after herself. A man reaches Khurana House for a weekly inspection. Nayantara informs him that they are on their way to school to attend Prem’s parent-teacher conference. He tells her that he will go to school to get more information and then leaves. Samrat compliments Nayantara on her cunning.
Episode Ends.

Revati lashes out at her man for not killing Ishani and Mohit. Nayantara and Samrat are stunned to see Malati unconscious.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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