Yeh Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai 7th February 2023 Written Update: Akshara gets to know about Arohi’s condition

The episode starts with Rohan delivering Arohi’s report. Abhimanyu examines the report. Manjiri notifies Abhimanyu that Ruhi is scared. Abhimanyu is concerned about Ruhi. Manish begs Abhimanyu to accompany him and decides to stay with Arohi. He informs Abhimanyu that Ruhi requires his assistance. Abhimanyu claims that Arohi taught him that daughters require the most pampering.Manish is seated next to Arohi. He ignores Akshara’s summons. Abhinav looks after Akshara. He requests milk from her. Akshara is concerned that Manish is not receiving her call. Abhinav advises Akshara not to worry because Manish may be busy. He requests that Akshara relax. Akshara decides to make jam. Abhinav prevents Akshara from making jam. He claims that jam isn’t as vital as health. What if someone needs the jam in an emergency, asks Akshara.
Abhimanyu is concerned about Ruhi. He inquires as to why she was terrified. Ruhi claims to have had a nightmare in which Arohi was confined in a chamber. Ruhi is consoled by Abhimanyu. Nishtha questions Manjiri about Ruhi’s anxiety. Manjiri claims that this is the first time Arohi has been separated from Ruhi. Abhimanyu attempts to cheer up Ruhi. Ruhi demands that Abhimanyu return Arohi. Abhimanyu informs Ruhi that Arohi would return soon.He orders chocolates, Chinese, or a burger for Ruhi. Manjiri suggests to Ruhi that she listen to the jam. She claims that Ruhi enjoys the jam and requests that Abhimanyu arrange it. Abhimanyu remembers Akshara’s request. Akshara begged Abhimanyu to keep his distance from her. Akshara takes a break. Abhimanyu dials Abhinav’s number. He requests that Abhinav provide jam for him because Ruhi’s mother is in the hospital and needs jam.Abhimanyu insists Abhinav prepare jam because Ruhi isn’t eating anything. Abhinav comforts Abhimanyu. Akshara overhears Abhinav and Abhimanyu conversing. She is tensed up. Abhimanyu finds it uncomfortable to converse with Abhinav because he is unaware of their history. Akshara confides in Abhinav, saying she doesn’t understand why life continues bringing them together.Abhimanyu informs Ruhi that her jam would be delivered shortly. Jam is praised by Manjiri. Jam, she claims, had a distinct type of affection. Akshara is relieved that Ruhi enjoys her jam despite never having met her. Abhimanyu prepares Ruhi for school. Akshara is concerned about Arohi. Abhinav instructs Akshara to contact Kairav and inquires about Arohi. Kairav answers Akshara’s phone call. Akshara inquires Kairav about Arohi.Kairav refers to Akshara as a stranger. He requests that she does not call him again and that she enjoy her married life. Akshara sobs. Abhinav is distressed. Ruhi inquires Abhimanyu as to when the jam will arrive. Soon, says Abhimanyu. Akshara is powerless. She chooses to make jam for Ruhi. Episode ends.Precap. Abhinav advises Akshara on whether or not to visit Udaipur. Arohi confronts Abhimanyu about his meeting with Akshara.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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