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Yeh Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai 11th February 2023 Written Update: Suhasini urges Goenkas to call Akshara

The episode starts with Suhasini advising Kairav to call Akshara if he wants to do something special for her birthday. She says that no one knows if they would be celebrating their birthday or funeral next year, hence she desires to see Akshara. Manish promises Suhasini that he will do everything possible to bring Akshara back. Suhasini tells Manish that Akshara intended to visit Arohi but did not show up.

She adds she would like to meet with Akshara. Abhir decides to ride his bike. Akshara considers her relationship with Abhimanyu and thinks to move on from her past. Abhimanyu thinks of Akshara while Akshara feels that it is challenging to let go of the past. She further asks Abhinav to fetch her a saree. Abhinav is ecstatic. Abhimanyu asks Rohan to bring purple flowers for Ruhi. Rohan assures Abhimanyu. Akshara, Abhir, and Abhinav eat at a restaurant.

Abhimanyu, Arohi, and Ruhi eat out. Abhimanyu receives thanks from Arohi for his efforts to which Abhimanyu says to Arohi that if she would have been in his shoes then she would’ve done the same thing. Arohi expresses her gratitude to Abhimanyu for allowing her to join them for supper. She goes on to say that she understands how tough it is to forget today’s date while Abhimanyu thinks about his meeting with Akshara.

He makes the decision to move on. There, Ruhi’s friend, Akira, mistakes Abhimanyu for Arohi’s spouse. Arohi reveals and clears to Akira’s mother that Abhimanyu is Ruhi’s father’s elder brother. Arohi and Abhimanyu receive an apology from Akira’s mother. Elsewhere, Abhir talks about Abhimanyu. Akshara gets upset and attempts to shift the subject. She further decides to take Abhir to the movies.

Abhinav pours out his heart infront of Akshara. He further admits to Akshara his feelings for her. Akshara is rendered speechless. Abhinav interrupts the talk by expressing that he realizes how challenging it is for her to move on from the trauma. Abhinav tells Akshara that she must gradually rid herself of the memories. Akshara understands and wishes to be free of her past. Abhir invites Akshara to join her at the theatre while Akshara decides to go ahead with the dinner date.

Akshara has captured Abhinav’s attention. Abhimanyu, Arohi, and Ruhi return home. Manjiri insists Abhimanyu marry Arohi. Abhimanyu demands Manjiri give him some breathing room so that he can move on. Manjiri gets unsuccessful in convincing Abhimanyu to marry Arohi. Muskaan is anticipating Kairav’s arrival. Mukaan and Kairav get into an argument. Akshara decides to speak with Muskaan but she is unable to communicate with Muskaan.

Abhimanyu notices the jam and chooses to pay this time, unlike the last. Akshara calls Muskaan and complains about the troubling network in Udaipur. Abhimanyu dials Abhinav’s phone number while Abhinav feels the network is strong. He approaches Akshara to inform her that Abhimanyu has called. Akshara is left stunned.
[Episode End]

Suhasini insists on accompanying Akshara to Udaipur before she dies. When Abhimanyu sees Muskaan at the Goenka residence, he is taken abac

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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