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Yeh Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai 18th February 2023 Written Update: Akshara meets Goenkas

The episode starts with Abhimanyu becoming agitated when he thinks about Akshara’s return. He remembers Akshara’s words and wonders why she is returning. He breakdown into tears wondering why Akshara is returning all of a sudden. He becomes restless whereas, Akshara reaches Udaipur. Abhimanyu tries to calm himself down. Akshara promises she’ll be back.

Abhimanyu wonders why Akshara did not show up in the last six years. Akshara thinks she must return to her home. Ruhi requests Abhimanyu to help her with her homework. Abhimanyu tries to redirect Akshara’s attention away from his thoughts. Abhir and Abhinav are eager to visit Goenka Villa while Suhasini is awaiting Akshara. Manish and Swarna suggest Suhasini to relax.

Suhasin denies stepping inside the house without Akshara. Manish asks Suhasini to calm down as he is on his way to the airport to pick up Akshara. Muskaan adores Goenkas and thinks Akshara is fortunate to have such a caring family. Swarna and Mainsh try to reassure Suhasini. Suhasini notifies Manish and Swarna that Akshara is nearby and asks them to light the lamps.

Abhimanyu feels Akshara cannot rule over his life. Akshara walks there. Manish, Swarna, and Suhasini are all crying. Goenkas collapses upon seeing Akshara. Suhasini, Manish, and Swarna are all hugged by Akshara. Suhasinin claims that they were nothing without her. Swarna gets upset with Akshara for abandoning her. Akshara apologized to her. Swarna and Manish lavishly adore Akshara.

When all is over, Abhimanyu thinks about why he is hurt when everything between him and Akshara is over. Manjiri cries her heart out seeing Abhimanyu’s condition. Abhimanyu asks Ruhi to play a game to distract him. There, Akshara asks Goenkas not to cry now. Manish and Suhasini decide to throw a party to commemorate Akshara’s return. They say the daughter’s homecoming is a big festival, we will celebrate it.

Suhasini and other further looks for Abhir and Abhinav. Abhir and Abhinav reach Goenka House and are taken aback when they see Goenkas. They become tense. Swarna, Suhasini, and Manish are introduced to Abhir. Muskaan tells Abhir to take everyone’s blessing. Goenaks greet Abhinav as well. Suhasini admires Abhinav’s calm demeanor. Akshara searches for Kairav.

Manish tells Akshara to quit looking for Kairav because they are enough for her. Ruhi wonders aloud about Arohi as to who will be arriving. Arohi is perplexed as to why Akshara has returned after having moved on from her past. Goenaks together and greets Akshara, Abhir, and Abhinav while Abhinav gets overwhelmed and breaks down when he sees the welcome.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Abhimanyu calls Swarna and hears Akshara. Manjiri feels nothing will stay the same post-Akshara’s arrival.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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