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Yeh Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai 6th February 2023 Written Update: Kairav decided ides to take Arohi and Ruhi back to Goenka House

The episode starts with Ruhi strolling down a hospital hallway. Swarna returns with Ruhi. Manish queries Abhimanyu about Arohi’s health. Manish is given the assurance by Abhimanyu that Arohi won’t suffer any harm. Kairav decides to take Ruhi to the Goenka house. Abhimanyu asks Kairav to halt his drama right away to which Kairav says Ruhi belongs to them and they are entitled to make decisions.

Abhimanyu claims that Ruhi is an inseparable part of him and cannot be split from him. Kairav queries Ruhi and Abhimanyu’s connection. Abhimanyu calls himself Ruhi’s father. Kairav clarifies that Abhimanyu is Ruhi’s foster father. Abhimanyu gets irked and asks Kairav to respect his bounds. Abhimanyu and Kairav are at odds with one another. Kairav is rebuked by Mainsh. He tells Kairav to quit being so intransigent all the time.

Kairav accuses Abhimanyu of destroying the lives of his two sisters. He claims that after Arohi recovers quickly, he will persuade her to visit the Goenka home once more with Ruhi. Anand tells Kairav that the hospital is not a place to start the fight. Kairav leaves the place. Abhimanyu is stunned. Ruhi informs Abhimanyu that she enjoyed hearing Swarna and Manish talk. She chooses to see Arohi. Ruhi is taken to Arohi by Abhimanyu.

Ruhi gets emotional while A Abhimanyu invites Ruhi to speak with Arohi if she wants. Ruhi requests Abhimanyu’s assurance that she won’t let anything happen to Arohi. Abhir and Abhinav discover that Akshara has a fever. They ask Akshara to relax. Akshara chooses to make jam and assist Muskaan in her packing. Abhinav and Abhir chastise Akshara and ask her to relax. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to inquire about Arohi’s condition.

Abhimanyu assures Manjiri that Arohi is alright. Manjiri tells Abhimanyu to be with Arohi. Abhimanyu reassures Manjiri. He then asks Arohi to wake up. Abhimanyu asks Rohan to take Arohi’s blood sample to test for infection. Rohan obliges. Swarna asks Manish if they should inform Akshara about Arohi. Manish refuses to speak to Akshara. Kairav requests Mainsh not to inform Akshara about Arohi because he wants her to stay far away from them and Abhimanyu.

He also intends to bring Arohi back to Goenka House once she has recovered. Rohan brings Arohi’s most recent test report. Mahima informs Manjiri that Kairav has decided to reclaim Arohi and Ruhi. Manjiri declares that she will not let Arohi and Ruhi go anywhere. Abhimanyu gets to know that Ruhi became terrified and shivered.
[Episode ends.]

Precap: Abhimanyu requests Abhinav to make jam for Ruhi because she is ill. Akshara learns about Arohi’s illness. She decides to go to Udaipur to check on Arohi.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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