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Yeh Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai 8th February 2023 Written Update: Akshara leaves for Udaipur

The episode starts with Akshara preparing to make a jam. Abhinav feels heartbroken to see Akshara. Abhir informs Akshara what he told her and requests her to take a break. Akshara tells Abhir that she must prepare the jam for someone close to her heart. Abhir wants to know who. Akshara mentions Arohi and Ruhi to Abhir and Abhinav. Abhir is overjoyed to discover Arohi and Ruhi. He asks Akshara if she has ever argued with her sister.

Akshara recalls Arohi accusing her of being the cause of Neil’s death. She then asks Abhir what else he gets from the pantry besides sugar and salt. Abhir asks Akshara if she is aware that he consumes sugar. Akshara claims to be his biological mother. She goes on to say that if he gets sweets, she will eat salt. Abhir asks Akshara how Ruhi liked the jam. He wonders if Abhimanyu gave her to him.

Abhir agrees to help Akshara and Abhinav make jam and says he understands Ruhi’s concern because Abhinav was scared when he was injured. Akshara decides to reveal additional information about Ruhi to Abhir. Abhinav believes that relationships are difficult. He’s preparing the jam. Akshara is disturbed. Abhinav wonders what is bothering Akshara. Akshara shares with Abhinav that she wishes to visit Arohi but is terrified to return to Udaipur.

As she sits, she is perplexed. Abhinav asks Akshara to think about whether she wants to go to which Akshara says that she is in delimma. She adds her relation with Arohi has many conflicts and problems but when she heard about her accident, she couldn’t stop herself from meeting her. He decides to toss a ball into two vessels to see if she will go or not. Abhinav counsels Akshara on whether or not she should visit Udaipur. Abhinav asks if he should accompany her to Udaipur. Akshara refuses him and asks him to stay with Abhir as his exams are coming while Ruhi enjoys listening to music. Ruhi informs Abhimanyu that she scared him the night before. Ruhi invites Abhimanyu to try the jam, which calms him down.

She is adamant about Abhimanyu. Manjiri believes the jam saved Ruhi’s life. Abhinav helps Akshara to pack her luggage. Akshara receives Abhimanyu’s voice note. Abhinav is thanked by Abhimanyu for his help in sending the jam. Akshara lectures Abhir and Abhinav before departing for Udaipur. Abhir informs Akshara that she should not feel concerned because they are with them.

Kairav challenges Mahima and Abhimanyu on the Birla hospital’s refusal to accept specialists. Abhimanyu notifies Kairav that Arohi is doing ok. He assures Kairav that nothing terrible will happen to Arohi. Manjiri hears Abhimanyu and Kairav talking. Abhinav becomes agitated when he considers Akshara’s trip to Udaipur. Muskaan informs Abhinav that she overheard their talk. Abinav tells Muskaan that he doesn’t mind Akshara returning to Udaipur after 6 years, but he fears she is going back. Muskaan tells Abhinav that his dread is motivated by his love for Akshara. Abhinav is perplexed by his emotions.

Episode Ends.

Arohi inquires Abhimanyu whether Akshara has sent the jam from Himachal. Manish is overjoyed to learn that Akshara is returning to Udaipur.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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