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Yeh Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai 9th February 2023 Written Update: Arohi regains consciousness

The episode starts with Kairav asking Arohi to wake up. He threatens Arohi with a scolding if she does not wake up. Kairav breaks into tears while Arohi responds. Abhimanyu comes and checks Arohi. He injects her and treats Arohi while Akshara is about to leave for Airport. Manish calls Akshara and notifies her that Arohi has regained consciousness by her arrival news. He further hopes Akshara arrives as soon as possible.

Abhinav advises Akshara to travel or she will grow afraid. Arohi wakes up. Abhimanyu asks Arohi if she can recognize everyone. Arohi nods her head in approval. Manjiri confronts Abhimanyu on Arohi’s silence. Abhimanyu describes Arohi as weak. He reassures Manjiri that Arohi is fine. Arohi tells Abhimanyu that he scared everyone, which is why they are all crying. She then questions Abhimanyu about Ruhi.

Abhimanyu informs Arohi that Ruhi is her superior. Manish takes off Arohi’s evil eyes. Anand requests everyone leave Arohi alone. Kairav asks Arohi to take discharged and return home. Arohi requests Abhimanyu to discharge her as soon as possible. Abhimanyu decides to leave Arohi and let her take a rest. Abhimanyu is praised by nurses out there for looking after Arohi.

Manjiri is ecstatic. Manish confronts Akshara about her decision to cancel the flight. He claims she ruined his dreams. Akshara claims she was planning to visit Udaipur because everything was messed up, but now that Arohi is feeling better, she has chosen to cancel. Manish speaks to Akshara that she was taken away by circumstances and that he is convinced she will return to an unfavorable situation someday. Abhir confronts Abhinav on the subject of why Akshara does not have paid leave like them.

Abhinav agrees with Abhir. Akshara asks Manish to look after Muskaan. Manish decides to accept Muskaan in order to feel more connected to Akshara. Abhir checks Akshara’s fever. He is astounded by how rapidly Akshara’s fever subsided. Abhinav claims that Aro hi’s good health pleased Akshara. He claims that blood relations are incredibly significant and that he will never understand them. Abhir considers Abhinav to be his son.

Akshara and Abhinav are at a loss for words. Muskaan appears and asks Akshara about the situation. Muskaan is instructed by Akshara to travel to Udaipur and settle down. Muskaan asks Akshara if she is postponing her vacation to Udaipur for any reason. Akshara decides to disclose Muskaan the truth later. Kairav thinks back on his meetings with Akshara and Arohi. He breaks down.

Suhasini hopes Kairav’s return soon. Arohi questions Ruhi about bothering Abhimanyu. Ruhi appreciated Akshara for sending the jam. Arohi deciphered that Akshara prepared the jam after tasting it. She confronts Abhimanyu about it. Abhimanyu is perplexed. Arohi deciphered that Akshara prepared the jam after tasting it. She confronts Abhimanyu about it. Abhimanyu is perplexed. Arohi questions Abhimanyu whether Akshara delivered the jam from Himachal as Swarna teaches the fruit and cinnamon flavor.
Episode ends.

Abhinav reveals his affection for Akshara. Manjiri urges Abhimanyu to marry Arohi, completing Ruhi’s family.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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